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I'm cosnidering to setup a redmatrix instances. I asked the webhosting on the requierements stated in the install.txt on github. The provider stated that:
  • PHP command line access with register_argc_argv set to true in the php.ini file - and with no hosting provider restrictions on the use of exec() and proc_open().
We do not allow exec and proc_open.

Is it possible to run redmatrix anyway? Are there workarounds? What doesn't work without exec and proc_open?

@Friendica Red Development
#redmatrix #help @friendica red development
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Thomas Willingham
Sorry, don't use Diaspora much, but I can elaborate - we use proc_open for basically, well, everything. It performs item collections in the background, it sends out notifications that there's something to collect, it keeps your connections up to date, it updates the directory, it sends mail, it's used for discovery, it's used in authentication, it's used to poll your feeds, and post to other networks, it expires your posts, it delivers delayed published posts, in syncs clones, it pulls in feeds for a community feed, it delivers your queue, and probably a few other things I forgot...

On the plus side, webpages would probably work - as long as they weren't identity aware.
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you won't find anyone here :-)
"Friendica Red" is now "Red Matrix". You'll find Red Matrix developers on Red Matrix network.
Friendica developers are on @Friendica Developers
@friendica developers
Alien (A23P)
@Friendica Red Development

O.K., so I had elected to NOT create a RedMatrix account only due to the fact that I'd lose my Diaspora contacts if I did so (at least that's what I understood). If I understand correctly, communication with Diaspora is now possible on RedMatrix. What I don't understand is if that is limited to only pushing post to Diaspora or if it also includes being able to pull posts made by ones contacts on Diaspora to Red as well.

In the event that Red can now interact with Diaspora as Friendica does, my next question would be if anyone had any suggestions on the easiest means of porting over to Red.
That is to say, that it took me couple months to get my D contacts ported over to Friendica (given that I had to do them one by one) and while I wouldn't be surprised if I'd have to do this again on Red, I'd love to hear any suggestions for more easily transferring my Friendica account (and it's contacts/groups/aspects) to Red.
@friendica red development
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Giaco el vecio
in simple words: Red and Friendica are 2 different things and have different goals.

Red uses a different protocol which is not able to communicate (just unidirectionally) with those who do not use the same protocol.
If you want to communicate bidirectionally you have to use friendica.
Paul Taylor
As you can see from my Friendica posts, these are pushed from Red. So Friendica > Red push is there if required.
hello zot developpers, Yesterday, I was so crazy that I decided to install redmatrix. humm not as difficult.

I have just a problem when I try to launch manualy the cron command I got this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/.../ on line 323

is it serious doctor ?
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Giaco el vecio
Mike+Macgirvin wrote the following post:

Dreamhost has several versions of PHP available, and the first one in the path is an older version.

There are a few things you should probably do. The first is to change the cron command which executes the poller.

cd {/your/red/directory}; /usr/local/php54/bin/php include/poller.php

Second is to make sure that you config file ({/your/red/directory/}.htconfig.php contains:

// Location of PHP command line processor

$a->config['system']['php_path'] = '/usr/local/php54/bin/php';

And the final one is to set your default path so you won't have any problems with our various command line tools (rare, but if you do it now we won't have to revisit this later).
I do this in ~/.bashrc

export PATH=~/bin:/usr/local/php54/bin:$PATH
Abinoam Jr
Fifa World Cup 2014 - Nata-RN - Brazil - Any Friendican over here?
If you are from Friendica and are at Natal-RN Brazil for The Fifa World Cup by these days, let's get in touch.
I'll pay a coffee, we take a picture and post on Friendica!!! Deal?! :-)

(You may reshare this to other people from friendica)

@Tradução Do Friendica Para Pt-Br
@Mr. X
@Friendica Developers
@Friendica Red Development
@Giaco el vecio
@Sérgio F. Lima
@tony baldwin
@tradução do friendica para pt-br @mr. x @friendica developers @friendica red development @tobias @fabio @giaco el vecio @sérgio f. lima @tony baldwin @fred
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but my flying carpet got wet and got a cold during the recent thunderstorms
make it a ~friendica ~friendica / red red meeting, makes the potential userbase bigger as the two are different beasts
Abinoam Jr
Red source code reaches more than 10.000 commits
Posted on:

Hey guys,
I've been "off" for a while. But I love Friendica/Red people and the project.
Even being a little "off" I always take a look on the progress.
And today I was suprised to the >10.000 commits on the red codebase!
I just would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Apart from any code metric flame war, 10.000 commits in any metric is really a great milestone.

I have just looked on "another" project that had 200.000 bucks to speed things up and they have 14.000! 10.000 commits for Red without having almost any financial help, is really amazing.

Congratulations to you all. Specially for Mike McGirvin, Tobias, Fabio and Thomas

PS: Raising this as a github issue to keep the record of this milestone on github itself.

@Friendica Red Development @Friendica Developers, @Mr. X, @Tobias, @Fabio
@friendica red development @friendica developers @mr. x @tobias @fabio
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Andreas Bauer
Hi everyone. Some time ago I had planned to create a better event function like in facebook ("participates to events" and things like this). I think, this could help friendica, because a lot of people are using facebook and G+ to plan events and meetings. Especially whole, closed groups could be convinced by this function (additionally to all the other functions of friendica).

Unfortunately, my programming skills aren't good enough and I don't have the time to learn and create it. Because of this, I wanted to ask, if someone is interested to work on this project.

Aside from this, I have a little suggestion for the event function: can someone add "a whole day" choice for events? At the moment, birthsdays are often saved over two days, because the creator don't correct the timespan to 1 day.

in german:
Hi an alle, ich hatte vor einiger Zeit mal versucht, eine erweitere Funktion für den Kalender zu erstellen (wie in Facebook: "Nehme an Veranstaltung teil" etc.). Ich dachte mir, dass viele Leute Facebook und G+ nutzen, um sich zu Veranstaltungen verabreden. M... show more
@friendica support @friendica wiki (de) @friendica red development @friendicadmin
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The birthdays span over two days because are time zone-adjusted.
Ricky Burgin
What does Red offer in the way of data security? Are posts stored in cleartext?
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Einer von Vielen
Two crypto libraries (I did not know before) mentioned in one thread. Cool. Thanks.
Haakon Meland Eriksen
Actually, I am pretty certain SJCL is better than OpenPGPJS, at least at present. SJCL seems to be more cross-platform.
tony baldwin
IRC addon admin configs disappeared
I've noted that the admin configs to set the default channels for my IRC addon have disappeared, both in ~friendica ~friendica and red red

I note that some addons that require admin configuration (twitter, impressum, etc.) are using a different method than the basic form the IRC plugin uses, namely, they have a templates/admin.tpl
Is this different method a requirement now?
If so, when did that happen?
Why was I not informed?
Is there documentation for this new method (or do I have figure it out for myself)?
Or am I mistaken and there's some other issue with my addon?

I note that the simple form works for user settings for all addons.
At least for mine, it seems to not be working for admin settings.

@admins @dev

#irc #addon #admin #config

(for xposting to friendica:
@Friendica Addons
@Friendica Red Development
@friendica addons @friendica red development @friendicadmin
tony baldwin
ok, consider this resolved for friendica...
Senile me, I was looking in the wrong place.
The config for this plugin is available only to the site admin, however, it's not on the admin settings stuff (perhaps I should change that).

However, in red, these configs are still nowhere to be found.
Seth Martin
Ok, now after changing Red permissions and testing for several days, I am convinced that I now understand permissions well and I actually have a problem.

After creating multiple channels and setting permissions appropriately from the user interface, nothing posted in a connected channel will show in the other channel's feed ('Matrix' tab).

I received no errors when installing and all of the dependencies are the correct version. I have used git pull daily to update but still not working.

Testing was taking so long to confirm failure so I increased the poller frequency to every minute in crontab.

Where do I find logs?
Where to go from here?
@Friendica Red Development
@friendica red development
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Yup, just pulled this morning.
Seth Martin
I pulled this morning before going to bed and didn't even notice. Sweet!
tony baldwin
I think I have this red stuff mostly working now.
It seems to be doing what I expect/desire of it, at this juncture.

Also, I think there may be a bug with one permission setting, which I kept trying to use, but it never worked as expected (as I expected to be clear).

Anybody in my Address Book - I expected this to allow whatever particular permission I set to this setting to any of my connections and nobody else. It doesn't.
It just left those parameters greyed out, and didn't allow them to my connections or anybody else.
It was keeping me from assigning "full-sharing" permissions to connections.
I found that when I change all parameters I had set thus to "Only those I specifically allow", instead, I was able to assign those permissions, and even able to finally click simply "full-sharing" and grant those permisions to my connections.

Either I'm confused about what "my address book" means, or there's a problem with that particular setting.

#permissions @Building in Red @Friendica Red Development @Mike Macgirvin
@building in red @friendica red development
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Waitman Gobble
normally double-spaced (or .34" for 25 lines) is an average 200 - 220 words per page so that's more like 20 pages :)

i think most people like a 'times' font, but i generally use 'courier' font, at least its free and clear of trademark/license issues (unlike 'times')
tony baldwin
Most of the work I get is not double spaced.
A 4000 word project is usually around 8 to 10 pages for me.
@Mr. X @Friendica Red Developers
Need Red a valid ssl cert? Will it work on plain http? Will it work in a subdir?

I want to install Red on kirgroup, but I have a cert only for and on "oc." there is owncloud and I'd like to leave it there :-)

So, options:

  • I can move friendica in and let it work without valid cert and install red on kirgroup
  • I can install Red on and let the two running
  • I can install Red on and let it work without a valid cer
@mr. x @friendica red developers
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I'm trying to install Red on OpenShift (RedHat's PaaS).
I'm at a good point. Just some tweak and I'll publish a git repo "Red ready-to-go on OpenShif" :) (and maybe also a "Friendica-ready-to-go")
Now, a question:
Can I create a new account row with only email, password and account_roles = 4096, leavin everything else default?
I want to create the admin user automatically on app deploy
deh.. also openshift server respond on https, and free account don't let you upload your ssh keys. So, still no working Red install...
Frater Gray
I'd also like to see a comparison from someone knowledgeable. I haven't heard anything new about Persona in quite a while so I was beginning to think Mozilla had shelved it before it got out the door.
exel shukow
Hey Folks,

have you heard of tent? it's a very young project but it aims at what friendica is aiming ...

they have a very strict division between server and client (including web-frontends). there are already two server implementations, and quite some clients.

The servers speak JSON to each other and the clients. The project looks very promising and flexible.
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Giaco el vecio
when I think in Diaspora* I remember this :

David Benfell
(And of course, we're hoping that run from Facebook is in our direction, but this remains to be seen. :-/ )
@Friendica Red Development

What about a 'zotlib'?
I was thinking about the backport process to ~f, and it just seemed right: just make it a lib, red use the lib, ~f too, projectXYZ too...
@friendica red development
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exel shukow
i was wondering about the remote authentication implementation. permissions for posts are stored locally, but as Domovoy I will have to dive deeper into the code as soon as i find the time ...
Thomas Willingham
Magic auth is done in rmagic/magic and zot.

We throw encrypted blobs backwards and forwards between your server and theirs until everything is decrypted, and everyone is happy.
Michael MD
fRed error message
didn't see this one in logs but it came up when running poller.php:
Call to undefined function mcrypt_decrypt() in redpath/include/crypto.php on line 205
maybe that's why i didn't see anything from contacts?

fixed now here I think
turned out that /usr/local/bin/php here was the wrong cli executable (I have a few different ones compiled with different extensions)
replaced it now with the right one

but now this comes up in logs:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'Zero size image string passed' in  red/include/Photo.php:51

@Friendica Red Development
@friendica red development Admin
Creating a red hub
I can't access the admin Panel after installation, I checked spelling of my mail address twice, and also copy and paste it but after the installation there is no menu point to access the admin panel and calling /admin manually throws error message "Access denied"

Is the site owner stored in the DB or in the config file?
In database: set your account['account_roles'] to 4096 to get admin
I assume you are running the latest code from the git? A few weeks ago, the admin pages wasn't showing, but the latest pull from git resolved it for me.
RED installer
#red #friendica

Some progress, there is now a page asking how to configure the web server.

Next, some rewrite (a lot can be improved on how the assistant and its pages communicate/build themselves).
A final progress page, which will do everything said in the confirm page (the download, which is out for now, will reappear there).

@Friendica Red Development
#red #friendica @friendica red development
Installation script for RED
#friendica #red #setup #perl #gtk

Download, test, give feedback, participate.
The UI needs some work to look nice (padding and stuff that bores me).

This is a perl script.
It aims to provide an easy way to download/setup/configure a RED hub.
For now all it does is download and extract RED.
Nice note: It uses github api to get the list of tagged revisions and let you choose the one you want. Well, since for now there are no tags on RED, the only choice you have is the dev version.

About dependencies: I'm trying to avoid exotic deps. So apart from Gtk (and perl-gtk), the current dependencies are either fairly common in any perl installation, or written and provided by myself.

Next step is to configure your webserver so that your freshly installed RED is accessible.

Installation script for RED

@Friendica Red Development @Friendica Developers
#friendica #red #setup #perl #gtk @friendica red development @friendica developers
Exel MF
hi all, i'm following friendica red developement with great interest, and would love to participate by writing a client more JS based.

is there some kind of json api I can use for that? I think the friendica red software should take care of message delivery, database-searches and stuff, and provide the contents via json to a js client that provides a convenient frontend ... I don't know enough yet about the magic-remote-authentication to think about how this can be handled via JS, but i think it should also work ...

what do you think about that?

greetings exel
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Mr. X
It's still bad input. Not json_decode()'s fault.
Michael MD
yes its bad input .. but in most cases I think having a user's user data mysteriously vanish without the user seeing any clues to why is far worse than the user seeing one or two incorrectly rendered chars.
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